About Bastrop CAN


Bastrop CAN is committed to empowering families in Bastrop County, Texas to advocate for expanded public school options.


Bastrop CAN: Charter Advocate Network is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in August 2020 by a group of motivated parents to advocate for expanded public school options in Bastrop County. As one of the fastest-growing counties in Central Texas, Bastrop is the only county in the region without any public school options.

Together with community leaders, educators, and parents, Bastrop CAN is dedicated to expanding educational opportunities to all children in Bastrop County.


  • Parent Education & Community Engagement on School Choice
  • Charter Recruitment & Relationship Building
  • Creating Pathways to New Educational Opportunities 
  • Advocate for 1882 Partnerships and Turn-Around Models within the Independent School Districts 
  • Support Models of Innovation within the Independent School Districts 
  • Support Inter-and-Intra District Choice within the County 
  • Support Open Enrollment Policies 
  • Support the Expansion of Microschools and Pods 
  • Identify Partnership Opportunities with Homeschool Families, Private School Operators, and ISD Leaders 


  • We are working with 2 charter schools to come to Bastrop:  Founders Classical School and Compass Rose Public Schools
  • We hope to have at least one charter school open by Fall of 2021 
  • The schools will eventually serve K-12, but will start with a few grades and build to 12th grade over the subsequent years.
  • The charter schools will offer extra-curricular activities such as sports teams and STEAM programs.
  • As public schools, charter schools offer special programs for students of all abilities.